Due to the coronavirus pandemic there arose an urgent need to modify how KPFT's day-to-day operations were being conducted.  The station generally has an open door policy, but uncontrolled traffic became a concern so steps were implemented to protect management, staff, volunteers and visitors alike by limiting access to the building.  Initially, archival programming was put into place to continue an on-air presence for all shows.  It was a creative challenge to generate shows from home studios but the challenge is being met head on and fresh and non-archival programming is coming back on line show by show. We hope you will continue to join us each week and enjoy the program we bring you from our home studio until the coast is clear for us to resume our normal in-studio programming.  Anytime you wish to contact us with a comment or question, you can do so by dropping us a line at blueshound@kpft.org and we will get back to you asap.
                              Please join us every Sunday from 2-5 pm (CDT) for "Howlin' the Blues" on 90.1 FM KPFT (www.kpft.org).  We pledge to bring you the best new blues releases from around the world and the type of top notch blues programming you've come to expect from KPFT.

                              If you happen to miss a show, you can always access the program through the KPFT archives. Simply go to the home page 伕理ip破解版无限试用 and click on "on demand". Look for "Howlin' the Blues" and you're there.












































































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